Thank you for your interest in submitting photography to Smith-Southwestern. Prior to submitting any photography, please carefully review the following:

General Information:

The Photographer Information Form must accompany all photo submissions. This form is accessible using the info form link above or you may download it from our website. By signing this form, you agree that Smith-Southwestern will not accept any liability for loss or damage of a digital file. Smith-Southwestern will also not assume any responsibility during shipping. You as the photographer accept responsibility for any photos taken on or off private property.

The preferred method for your submission is a key fob (USB flashdrive). These will be returned. This expedites the process, however you can still send in CD/DVD - Your disk(s) will not be returned unless requested in your Photographer Information Form. Otherwise, disks will be filed and images may be considered for future use (permission would be requested before any use after the listed projects).

We will accept submissions via the Internet, using a light box or other sources of online photo delivery.

Send these links to photo@smith-southwestern.com. Be sure that you attach the Photographer Information Form to the e-mail. Please do not email jpgs for your submission, only links to galleries or light boxes. Emails containing jpgs will not be reviewed. Only submit images that are relevant to the subjects requested.

If using file transfer programs (examples: yousendit or mailbigfile) please email a link to the file as well, so that the images can be reviewed before the link expires. Some websites may get blocked from our email if sending directly from the file transfer program website.

After images for all projects are pulled, you will receive a letter stating which images will be used and the projects they will be used for. Images should be horizontal for calendars, Photo credit will be given for each image per product (except for souvenir items; space is limited and hides views). Photo credit will read as it appears on the Photographer Information Form.

Please submit original digital files. Also, include a duplicate small jpg of each file for quick viewing.

* Images must be at least 300 dpi and 9" x 6" in size in order to be used *

Each image must be saved as its own unique numeric or alphanumeric number, including photographer or company name within the file name. Example, putting your name at the beginning, or part of your company name incorporated into the file name in any manner is acceptable. Be sure all images on the disk are sorted into folders based on our categories of current needs. Please do not put the same image in multiple folders. Label all disks with your name and telephone number.


Please include any reference material pertaining to the subject matter of your images. Submissions received after April 15, 2016 will NOT be reviewed.

Please submit your photography to:
Attn: Photography Department
1850 N. Rosemont
Mesa, AZ 85205

E-Mail: photo@smith-southwestern.com